Proven Solutions

Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and the proven expertise of our team, we offer you the finest specialised dredging solutions in the industry. All our interventions are carried out efficiently and in total respect and compliance of all safety and environmental norms and regulations.

Our dredging services are available for pumping stations, water intake structures and settling tanks and basins. We use suction dredging as well as crane dredging. We perform maintenance dredging work to improve navigation conditions in ports and harbours, estuaries and channels, to better exploit natural resources (sands, marine aggregates, nodules, etc.) and even for scientific research.

Our Specialities

  • Settling Tanks Dredging
  • Pumping Station Dredging
  • Basin Management
  • Basin Maintenance
  • Basin/Tank Repair
  • Sludge/Sediment Extraction
  • Dewatering Treatment

  • Tailings Management/Disposal
  • Waste Treatment and Mitigation
  • High-Volume Fluid Management
  • Flow Filtration and Management Units
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Valuable Products/Material Recovery

We can provide you with an expert assessment of all your dredging needs, including the distance, elevation and density of materials to be pumped, as well as the opportunity of using a booster pump to transfer sludge to another location.

If the basin, tank, pond or lagoon needs to keep operating during the dredging operations, turbidity curtains can be installed to prevent spilling or release of suspended solids.

We will work with you to carefully identify and locate any possible obstruction or underwater structure to ensure the safety of all personnel, avoid property damage and move the project forward efficiently. Bumpers and protective liners can be used to allow safe and reliable operation in basins fitted with a waterproof membrane.

If required by your specific applications or project objectives, we can also clean or manually remove all residual sludge left on basin surfaces after the dredging operations.